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Peru and United States 

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Upcoming Sweat Lodges

Saturday, March 23rd & Saturday,August 24th

Please join me for a sweat lodge ceremony and potluck celebration at my home in Pottstown, PA. This event is open to first timers and returning sweat lodge participants, it is a fun and safe ceremony. We will light the fire at 3pm and enter the lodge at 5pm. Once we are complete with our prayers we will gather in the house around the fire for a potluck dinner. The donation for this ceremony is $25 to support the purchase of wood to heat the rocks. Please click on the link below to sign up.

(Children are welcome*)
*There will be childcare and activities while adults are in the lodge. When booking please let us know in the notes if your child is attending and the number of children.

Grandfather Ceremonies

Sacred medicine ceremony.

 2024 Dates-

April 27th-28th

May 25th-26th

July 13th-14th

August 17th-18th

September 14th-15th

October 12th-13th

All ceremonies you will arrive @ 8 a..m. on Saturday & Depart @ 9:30 a.m. Sunday

Please email with any questions!


Machu Picchu Root Chakra Pilgrimage- Peru

June 9th- 15th, 2024

Come and walk the Inca Trail with me, and follow in the footsteps of the ancient priests and priestesses of the Incan empire to the sacred land of Machu Picchu in Peru. This is a pilgrimage for those who wish to connect with the earth and themselves through the oldest know meditation of all-walking.


We will walk together for five days, feet upon the earth, praying, laughing and cooking under the starry sky of the Sacred Valley. During our trekking days we will stop at sacred sites to receive initiations and blessings that activate our birthright as earth keepers and solidify our place in the cosmos as children of the sun. On the 4th night at sunset we will cross through the famous sun gate and view sun-kissed Machu Picchu in all its glory for the first time. The next day we will be one of the first to arrive inside the sacred site where we will spend the day touring and praying.


This pilgrimage is for those in good physical condition who are in great health and can walk 7-9 miles a day at altitude. It will be a challenge and we will be there to support one another. We will laugh and play and cry together on this unforgettable journey.


Click here for more details!

Apply for this retreat here. 12 Spaces Available.

The Long Dance 

Saturday, September 21st-22nd

The Long Dance is a visioning dance held at night under the stars. It is a time to bring forth associations that lie in the subconscious mind, and by dancing them, they can be brought to conscious levels, owned, and released. It is a time to quest for your spirit, to endure. Tuition for the dance is $150- please send a deposit of $50 upon signing up, and pay the rest in cash in person. Click here for more details.


2024-2025 Shamanic Apprenticeship

Do you want to become a healer?

I cannot teach you how to be a healer, that is something that exists deep within your own being. But, I can teach you how to remember your own healing as well as techniques and skills that have empowered many shamanic healers throughout the last thousand years. 

Join me for a 9-month-long Shamanic Apprenticeship learning the teachings of the Andean Medicine Wheel. This is not virtual shamanism, this is a dynamic, hands-on, experiential shamanic initiation that will take place over six, in-person weekend-long, training sessions. You will receive the 13 Munay-Ki rites, other initiations, ancient rituals and ceremonies, and practical shamanic healing techniques to use on yourself and others.


We will walk through the fire feeling one another's hands, we will sweat in the lodge together inhaling the burning sage, we will learn the feeling of one another's hearts, and we will laugh, cry, pray, and play together. We will immerse ourselves in nature and ancient rituals while journeying through the layers of the shamanic dimensions.

This apprenticeship is a transformative experience that takes us back to the essence of shamanism. It is a shamanic embodiment training. You will learn shamanic theory through experiencing life, death, and rebirth firsthand. You will heal yourself and discover what living truly means to you so that you may encourage others to do the same. This is what it means to become a true healer.

Are you ready?


This training is intended for those who are committing to go deep and have the courage to change their own lives. There will be no programming from behind the comfort of your computer. This will be intense, uncomfortable and inspiring. Participants will be immersed -- mind, body, and spirit -- for the time that we are together. I am honored to guide and facilitate this journey for those who are ready; it is my pleasure and absolute joy to share with you this walk through the Beauty Way.


At the end of this apprenticeship you will have mastered the skills of a

Level One Shamanic Practitioner.

Training Dates - Sept. 27-29, Nov. 1-3, Jan. 10-12, Feb. 28- March 2, April 25-27, & May 23-25.

10 Spaces available. Click here to apply. 

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