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2024-24 Shamanic

Do you hear the calling?

I cannot teach you how to be a healer, that is something that exists deep within your own being. Do you feel the calling? If so, I can teach you how to remember your own medicine, along with the techniques and skills that have empowered many shamanic healers over the last thousand years. 

Join me for a 9-month Shamanic Apprenticeship focused on learning the teachings of the Andean Medicine Wheel. This is not virtual shamanism; it's a dynamic, hands-on, experiential shamanic initiation that will take place over six, in-person weekend-long, training sessions. Throughout the program, you will receive the Munay-Ki rites, transmissions, and initiations of the Q’ero tradition, ancient rituals, ceremonies, and practical hands-on shamanic healing techniques to use on yourself and others.

We will walk through the fire feeling one another's hands, we will sweat in the lodge together smelling the burning sage, we will learn the feeling of one another's hearts, and we will laugh, cry, pray, and play together. We will immerse ourselves in nature and ancient rituals while journeying around the medicine wheel together awakening our ancestral birthright to bliss, health, and sovereignty.

This apprenticeship is a shamanic embodiment training. You will learn shamanic theory through experiencing life, death, and rebirth firsthand. You will heal yourself and discover what living truly means to you so that you may encourage others to do the same.This is what it means to become a true healer.

Are you ready?


This training is intended for those who are committing to go deep and have the courage to change their own lives. There will be no programming from behind the comfort of your computer. This will be intense, experiential, and inspiring. Participants will be immersed -- mind, body, and spirit -- for the time that we are together. I am honored to guide and facilitate this journey for those who are ready; it is my pleasure and absolute joy to share with you this walk into the Beauty Way.


At the end of this apprenticeship you will have mastered the skills of a
Level One Shamanic Practitioner. You will be able to perform illuminations, decouplings, extractions, soul retrievals, death rites, and more on both yourself and others.

Training Dates - Oct. 11-13, Nov. 15-17, Jan. 10-12, Feb. 28- March 2, April 25-27, & May 23-25.

Total Cost: $3950, payment plans are available

10 Spaces available. Click here to apply. 

Image by Evie S.

2024-25 Shamanic Apprenticeship

"Stephanie is a great healer and the Shamanic Apprenticeship taught me more than anticipated. Not only did we learn how to heal others, but we learned how to heal ourselves. Our lovely Ayllu [apprenticeship group] helped me learn more about others and now I have more beautiful sisters and brothers in my spiritual family. The bond we built helped my soul grow and heart explode with love and empathy. I highly recommend this course even if it is for self growth only."


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